Q. How do I learn more about the programs I am helping to fund through Give Hope. Your Way?

A. Please visit Travel Support & Resources to see all of the services that your fundraising will support.

Q. What if I forget or need to change my account information?

A. Select forgot username and password on the login page.

Q. How much time do I have to commit?

A. Your time commitment is up to you. You can commit to simply creating a fundraising page and sharing it with your network or hosting an event that may require more time to coordinate and execute.

Q. Who do I contact at Hope Air with questions?

A. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Q. What other support and resources will Hope Air provide?

A. We have a a number of resources like customizable posters, fundraising ideas and pledge forms to ensure your fundraiser is set up for success.

Q. Can I use Give Hope. Your Way. and Hope Air’s logo in my promotional materials?

A. Yes, we provide customizable promotional materials that include our logo for your use.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Select "start a fundraiser" on the Give Hope. Your Way. website.

Q. Is there a registration fee or fundraising minimum requirement?

A. No. You set your own fundraising minimum. For example $350 is the ballpark cost associated with providing a flight to a patient and $1000 provides a return flight home, meals, accomodations and ground transportation to and from the airport to medical care. We would encourage you to set your own goal that you feel is attainable and use the fundraising resources we provide to help you reach it.

Q. Is there an age requirement to register?

A. No. We encourage people of all ages to support the organization. For our younger supporters, we would suggest getting your family involved too!

Q. Are donations to my campaign tax deductible?

A. Yes, all donations will receive a tax receipt.

Q. How can I see who donated to my event?

A. Your personal page will indicate the names of people and organizations who have donated to you.

Q. Do you accept matching corporate donations?

A. Absolutely! We encourage and accept all corporate matching programs.

Q. I want to participate in a local fundraising event that is not affiliated with Hope Air. Can I still fundraise on behalf of Hope Air?

A. Yes. There are many community events that allow fundraising for the charity of your choice. We encourage these types of fundraising efforts on behalf of Hope Air.