Fundraising Resources

We would like to offer you various resources that you can use to help you reach your fundraising goal. Items like fundraising tips, a customizable poster, and a promotional flyer to help you achieve your fundraising goals for Give Hope Wings.

  • Fundraising Tips: The tips include ideas like selling your right seat, engaging your company network, and dedicating birthdays and anniversaries to help you reach and exceed your fundraising goal.
  • Recruitment Flyer: Engage your network with a call for pilots to join the expedition and for family, friends, and colleagues to support as general fundraisers.
  • Adaptable Poster: Doing a fundraising event in your area to support your fundraising? Use this customizable poster/flyer to promote it!
  • YouTube Videos: Please feel free to share the following videos as part of an email introduction or for presentation purposes. You can find additional video resources on our YouTube channel: (40) HopeAir - YouTube
  • The 2022 Hope Air Impact Report: Everything you need to know about the impact of your fundraising in our patient communities across Canada.
  • Media Training Tips
  • Key Messages



Trina, a Hope Air patient from PEI who donated her liver shares her story about making the final decision and how Hope Air & The Centre for Living Organ Donation at UHN helped eliminate the financial burden and stress of coordinating travel accommodations throughout her journey so that she could focus on saving the life of another person that needed her. “Without Hope Air I would have financially struggled to get what I needed done in order to donate. It was a burden and a stress I had from day one.”

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